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Chad Pankake was amazing to work with. I had such a great experience working with him I immediately referred him to 3-4 other friends. He is very friendly, extremely helpful, and cares about finding a position you can thrive in. He even sent me a gift so I could grab a coffee for my first day of orientation when I landed the job! Fantastic service and care. I cannot recommend them enough!

Derek C.

Chad Pankake is the best recruiter I’ve ever worked with – truly had my best interests in mind and went above and beyond to find me a job.

Kevin W.

Chad and Affinity have been fantastic to work with! We have recently had two difficult-to-fill positions. Not only did Chad deliver the candidates with the exact experience that we were looking for, he asked the questions about the team and work environment to ensure a culture fit as well. Chad operates his firm with integrity and would be a valuable search partner for any organization.

Julie F.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chad since he started Affinity. Chad is uniquely able to match candidates into roles where they will be great cultural and technical fits. To hiring managers: Chad sends me very few candidates, but each person he sends is worth an interview. You won’t be inundated with keyword-matched resumes; you’ll receive only thoughtfully considered candidates. Chad takes his time to understand you, your culture, and the role, and it shows when you see the people he submits.

Sean C.

Chad is the most proactive recruiter/placement expert I’ve ever encountered, and a genuinely great guy. I honestly can’t speak highly enough of him.

Dustin H.

Chad is truly a rare recruiter! He took his time to get to know me and my skills and only presented me with positions that were solid fits. I also felt like he truly cared about what was best for me and my family. If you are looking for a new position or an employer looking for candidates, you can’t go wrong with Affinity Search Partners!

Josh C.

I can’t express how much I appreciate Chad’s ability to align my interests, skills, and talents with the needs of my current employer. From my perspective, he’s not just looking to recruit people, but to make a difference in their lives while at the same time helping companies attract the right resources they need. I highly recommend Chad.

Erick K.