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How to Determine Your (Professional) Value

If you’ve ever sat down to write a resume or sat across the desk from a hiring manager and tried to put into words what it is you’ve accomplished professionally, you know how difficult it can be.

As you consider the value that you bring to any company or organization, there are roles out there that are very clear-cut.

For example, if you are in sales you know that you brought in $500K or $1M in revenue, and that is very clear.

If you’re a software engineer, you created a piece of software that serves a particular function, and ideally, you can attach a revenue number to that piece of software by determining how much revenue the software made the company or how much it saved the company. This can be accounted for in time or processes.

There are, though, some roles that are less cut and dry.

If you are a creative – a musician, artist, or designer – it’s very hard to quantify your value; however, there are ways you can go about it.

For example, if you are a web designer:

  • How many websites have you created?
  • How many clicks did those websites receive per month?
  • How much revenue did your sites generate?


You may not get an exact number, but you want to pinpoint those areas that are quantifiable.

An example could be, ‘I’ve created 55 websites for companies that generated an estimated $40 million based on web traffic and SEO.’

Maybe your unique value is something like communication. Soft skills like this are often difficult to measure (unless speaking is a part of your job), but these intangibles are, and always will be, in extremely high demand. To highlight these skills, think through those times when you communicated well and brought about positive change:

  • What did that look like?
  • What was the situation?
  • What were the skills that you brought to the table?
  • What was the result?


If you can’t attribute a tangible revenue number or cost savings, think through any other facets that may be measurable in the work that you’ve done.

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