Top four reasons to hire in Q4 vs. Q1

Posted on November 07, 2017

You're Hired

You're Hired


“Observe the masses and do the opposite.” – James Caan. When hiring top technical talent it’s my belief that this advice is not only true but imperative. In Q4 most companies are busy budgeting and planning for the upcoming year…with little to no focus on hiring. If people are your greatest asset (which they should be), then it makes sense to work fiercely to locate and on-board technical candidates when no one else is…Q4. I have outlined some benefits of hiring in Q4 instead of Q1 below.

  1. Competition – This should be obvious, but a lot of companies shut down hiring for the holidays and are planning for the upcoming year in Q4. Guess what? Candidates do not shut down their job search. If you are actively or passively looking for a new job it doesn’t matter when you find the right opportunity for you, it just matters that you find it. There is less competition in Q4 than there is in Q1, which drastically increases your odds of finding the right candidates faster. It’s like fishing in a 1-acre lake with 100 other fishermen or fishing in that same lake with five other fishermen. Which scenario gives you the best opportunity to land the most/best fish?
  2. Candidate Availability – Businesses tend to slow down and there is not as much demand on employees to deliver. Therefore, there is a higher likelihood of quality candidates not only being open to exploring new opportunities but having increased availability to interview. Some may even have vacation time built up that they can use to attend interviews. In general, candidates are available, ready and willing to interview in Q4.
  3. Better Interview Process – Due to the Holiday season there is less demand placed on technical teams. Therefore, hiring managers and their teams tend to have more time available to properly interview and get to know potential candidates. This creates a more relaxed atmosphere where the interviewers and candidates can have more in-depth conversations around culture fit and current projects. It is also much easier to schedule interviews with teams during this time.
  4. Productivity – If you can bring a candidate on and bring he/she up to speed before the start of Q1 then they are able to have an immediate impact. The candidate won’t be filling out paperwork or sitting through new hire orientations; your new employee will be contributing to current projects and having an immediate impact on your bottom line..

Affinity Search Partners is a Nashville based technology recruiting and consulting company. If you are interested in hiring candidates in Q4 and taking advantage of an opportunistic situation,  please don’t hesitate to reach out. I would love to learn more about your business and help in any way that I can.



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