Top 5 Tech Jobs for Recent Grads

Posted on November 07, 2017

New Jobs

New Jobs

Top 5 Tech Jobs for Recent Grads

By: Ben Murley

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As America’s next great generation brings a sharp departure from Generation X, it is evident that millennials have every opportunity to take advantage of the huge demand for highly qualified technical talent. But where should you begin your career? Do you see yourself developing and owning large enterprise applications? Or do you prefer building computer systems or preventing cyberattacks? With an immense amount of job openings and the potential for a six-figure salary, technology positions may seem to make an attractive career.

Below, I have listed the top 5 Jobs that I believe recent grads should consider for entry level positions in the tech space.

1.      Web Developer

Are you a creative individual looking to build complex websites while working with a group of other likeminded individuals? Then this is a great place to start! Web Developers can design, create, and modify websites through the analysis of their client’s needs. To get started, you will need to sharpen up on your coding abilities. Some of the most commonly used languages for web development are Java, Python, JavaScript, CSS / HTML, and many others.

2.      Database Administrator

Data is an incredible way to gain information to better support your company and serve your customers! Between the ample amount of jobs, exponential salary opportunities, and job flexibility, it’s a great time to be a DBA. Database administration will give you the opportunity to let the numbers do the work for you! After you analyze and design your database to fit your company or customer needs, let the numbers do the talking and you can completely revolutionize the way that business is done!

3.      Application Developer

App Developers focus on developing effective IT solutions by creating new and modifying existing software applications. This may be a great place to start for a recent grad with a general degree to learn how to write apps for popular environments like Windows, .NET, Linux and SQL. Do you like specific parts of application development process more than others? No problem! You can even begin to specialize from there.

4.      Network /Systems Administrator

Network and System Administrators main job responsibilities consist of maintaining and managing corporate computer networks and computer servers. Being that computer networks and systems are critical parts of every organization, you have the opportunity to make a large impact on your organization! Being a problem solver is key in this role as you will need to maintain both hardware and software, as well as keep networks and systems safe from cyber-crime.

5.      Help Desk Technician

Help Desk is a great way to get started in any IT Career path as it provides you with a way to get connected with customers, understand their experience with your company, and get to know your products inside and out. A positive attitude and a desire to help others is the main driver for this role. At the Help Desk, you will embody your company values and help cultivate a culture of customer success, while also expanding your technical knowledge and growth.

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