Should I Use a Recruiter?

Posted on March 18, 2022

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Top 4 Reasons to Use a Technical Recruiter

These days, everyone is hiring… especially in Tech.  In a recent LinkedIn poll, we found that almost 50% of respondents working in tech receive 11+ unsolicited job inquiries a month – and they’re not even looking!  With demand so high, why would you need help finding a job?

The answer is simple.  You probably don’t.  Depending on your particular skill set and years of experience, you could likely find a job (or 2 or 3) without much trouble at all.  But would it be the right job?

  • Would you feel comfortable that the company is legitimate and trustworthy?
  • Would you fit well within the culture of the organization?
  • Would the job align with your personal and professional needs and goals?
  • Would you know that, out of all options available, you’re choosing the best fit?
  • Would you feel confident that you’re receiving the best possible benefits and salary package they have to offer?

When deciding whether or not to go it alone or work with a technical recruiter, take a minute to consider these four reasons a recruiter can come in pretty handy.

1. We Build Relationships with Reputable Companies

Technical recruiters build long-term relationships with vetted, established businesses.  We get to know each company, along with the hiring managers, and can vouch for their integrity.  We also understand the hiring processes and expectations of our clients and can prepare and advise you at each step along the way.

2. We Are Professional Matchmakers

Our goal is to make a meaningful connection between our clients and the talent we represent that is both 1) long-term and 2) beneficial to all involved.  To do this, we take the time upfront to fully understand the needs of our hiring companies, the demands and requirements of the specific jobs they’re placing, and their unique values and culture.

We do the same with the talent we represent.  We learn all we can about you – your experience, what drives you, and what you need moving forward into a new role.

Then we take all we have learned and match you with the client and job that most closely fit your needs.  Sometimes, our current positions aren’t a good match, and that’s okay.  We get new jobs in all the time. We would rather wait and place you in the right role than force a move that is beneficial only to us.

3. We Have Multiple Options – Not Just One

When you talk directly to a hiring manager or HR representative, you are exploring a singular option.  Technical recruiters often have multiple job openings available within your field representing a variety of industries and locations (onsite, hybrid, or fully remote).   If a good match isn’t currently available, recruiters get new jobs regularly (sometimes daily) and have a large network of contacts and resources to draw upon.  A great fit is typically not far away.

4. We Negotiate on Your Behalf

This is a biggie.  We have found that, specifically in Tech (and specifically over the last couple of years), businesses may not know what market value is for your talent and experience.  And you probably don’t know either – particularly if you’ve been in one place for a while.  We keep up with the latest salary and benefit trends to 1) advise clients what they should expect to pay for a particular level of talent and 2) advise you what you should be making in a new role.

If you aren’t satisfied with an offer made (and your requests are reasonable), we go back to the client and negotiate on your behalf.  We want you to get an offer you’re excited about! (Ps. clients benefit in the long run, too, via increased employee retention if their new hires are valued and fairly compensated from the very beginning.)


So, while you could probably find a job on your own, there are many advantages to having a recruiter walk with you.  It’s a little like representing yourself in court without an attorney – you could do it, but the results would likely not be quite as good.

If we can advise you on next steps or help you find your dream job, please don’t hesitate to reach out!  We would be honored to have your trust.



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