About Us

Find your place, find your people. It’s that simple.

And at Affinity Search Partners, we take those words to heart. We’re dedicated to sourcing top IT talent while building relationships with Nashville’s leading technology, health care, manufacturing, and financial companies. In other words, we have the resources, network, and experience to help build the strongest, most cohesive professional teams across Middle Tennessee and beyond.

Your Trusted IT Recruiting Resource

We value authenticity and take pride in every placement we make. Above all else, we believe that relationships matter more than transactions. That’s why we only seek out the most capable and talented people and only work with the most reputable and respected companies around town. It’s this way of thinking that continues our success in helping find the perfect fit for both candidates and clients.

We’re Not Your Average Staffing Agency

Whether you need permanent, contract, or contract-to-hire placement services, we have a knack for expertly matching candidates and clients. Learn more about our personalized staffing solutions by calling (615) 378-7271 or submitting an online contact form today.