HOT JOBS List – Weekly Update – 4/22/16

Posted on April 22, 2016


Are you bored at your current job? Is it helping you achieve your long-term goals and dreams? If not, let us help.

Here are this week’s hottest open and available jobs. Contact us here. Let us know what job you’re dreaming of and let us help you get there.

  1. Senior Java Developer and Java Developer – Team Lead – Let’s be honest. Every Sr. Java Developer we know has a great job. But does your current job help you serve the greater good? Giving you a purpose in life that makes you all around more happy? Apply here and let us make that a reality.
  2. BI Consultant – This BI role is with one of the best companies in the nation. If you have BI experience, let’s chat.
  3. QA Manager – If you have management and QA experience, this role could be the next step toward advancing your career.
  4. IT Director – If you’re IT and leadership experience is not being utilized to it’s full potential, apply for this role today and see your career success sail.
  5. HR Director – If you’re passionate about HR and are a natural leader, we’d love the chance to speak with you.


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