Attract & Retain Top Talent

All the clients that I have ever worked with want me to find the best and most gifted people to join their company and teams. Without exception! No one ever says, “Can you find me a mediocre Software Engineer?” Or, “We are looking for some solid C players to help grow this company.” Everyone is about getting the best and […] Read More

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Keep Your Job

We are going to let you in on a secret . . . Of all the tips and tricks there are on getting a job, the main thing to know is this: hiring managers want to work with people they like. That’s right. Regardless of your work experience and education, your character is what will — or won’t — get you hired. […] Read More


7 Tips for Successful Networking Networking is key to professional success and finding new career opportunities. But for those who are shy or not quite sure how to start, the thought of meeting new people can be intimidating. 1) Don’t arrive “casually late.” Rather, show up on time or even a few minutes early before it begins to get crowded. […] Read More

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8 Tips for Job Interview Success Getting an interview is just the beginning. Regardless of your professional experience, always take time to prepare for a job interview. After all, first impressions are everything, so make the right one with these job interview tips. 1) Practice your answers. Interviews are an opportunity to sell your experience and abilities. Practice answering questions with a friend or record […] Read More